When Did The Period Of Reconstruction End?


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It was after the end of the American Civil War that the government of the United States allowed the southern states to join back the Union on the condition that they would accept the freedom of African Americans and would pledge their loyalty to the government of the United States. The Reconstruction era began during that time period, which involved the reconstruction and rebuilding of the South, which had faced great damage during the American Civil War. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson succeeded him as president and later on the famous Union General Ulysses S. Grant was elected the next president of the United States.

During the terms of these presidents, the government had sent federal troops to the south to protect the rights of African Americans and ensure the equality of treatment for them along with being assigned the task of rebuilding the south. It was after President Grant's second term ended that President Hayes became the next president under whose leadership, federal troops were called back from the South and henceforth in the year 1877, the Reconstruction period ended.
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The reconstruction ended in 1877

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