What Was Reconstruction?


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Reconstruction was the effort to resolve the issues of the American Civil War from 1865 to 1877 in U.S. It is also known as Radical Reconstruction. Through this time the South was in social, political, and economic chaos and eleven states had separated. Reconstruction tackled with the status of the leaders of the Confederacy, the Union of the secessionist Southern states, and the legal status of the Negro Freedmen. The era 1865 to 1877 is commonly known as reconstruction.    Reconstruction approached in three stages.  • Presidential Reconstruction 1863 to 1866: Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson directed this era and wanted to rapidly reuniting the country.  • Radical Reconstruction 1866 to 1873:  This period emphasizes civil rights and voting rights for the Freedmen.  • Redemption 1873 to 1877: In this period white supremacist Southerners conquered the Republicans and acquired power of every southern state and marking the end of Reconstruction.    At the end the despite soon ended Federal groups were removed from the South in 1877, and whites once more began to vote. All of the gains of Reconstruction had vanished, and blacks were again treated as second-class citizens

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