Do You Think Women Should Have The Same Rights As Men?


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Men and women are said to be the wheels of the same car. Both men and women are an important part of the society and in fact both together make up this world. This issue is a debatable issue as many people would have many different points of view in fact even the perspectives of men and women would differ in this regard.    Although both men and women have different positions in the society and possess unique features and personalities. In most areas of the world men are given more rights as compared to women however in some other parts of the world they are treated equal.    According to me, I believe that God created men tougher and strong whereas he created women soft and delicate. The world has changed and so has our priorities and because of that change now men and women are doing the same thing i.e. Working, taking care of the family, kids, supporting the family etc. So when it comes to this things then women should be given equal rights as men as they are putting equal efforts as men are.    We all are part of a society and need to take care of everything and most of world comprises of women. Which thing in the world is that women can't do, they are scientist, they are teachers, they are doctors, and they are serving the society and what not? If they can do all this then why can't they be given same rights as men?    Women should be given rights as men but this should not be forgotten that God has created men stronger due to some reason and that we should not forget so leniency should observed towards women of the world.
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Humans should be equal and if a human want so be judged by a man or a woman they should have the choices equally

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Of course!

Thankfully, I live in America, where women do have the same rights as men.

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Yes ,definitely, they should have equal rights. In this modern day world, they are competing with men in all fields. Take the example of sunita williams.
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Yes ; in spite of the different between the both. They should have equal rights and duties.
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Of course. Women should get equal opportunities because they do have a lot to offer. It's a good thinh that you can find organizations for women that help them achieve their full potential.
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According to my thinking women must have some rights similar to men while men and women must also have some separate rights for their gender as well. It is basically the natural difference between 2 genders. Women are naturally soft and they can't bear too much hard work as a man can bear. On the other hand the man can't conceive a child as a woman can. So both must have separate rights. While some rights for the women and men must be same. For example if a woman kills someone she must face capital punishment. Similarly if a man kills someone he must face capital punishment.

On the other hand the man should earn and work as it is his right and duty. And it is the duty of the woman to remain in her house and take care of the children and prepare food. So in this case they both have different rights and obligations. A man is liable to provide the necessary food and clothing to his family and wife. And woman is liable to provide the necessary care to her children and husband and cook for him. In this the rights of man and woman both are different.

So according to my opinion there must be different duties and rights for some necessary things while in the eyes of law they must have the equal and same rights as men have.
So this is my thinking about the right of the man and woman
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So whats so wrong about a man staying home and a women working, if both of them are happy with that choice.
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Here in Tx several women killed their husbands and they get twenty or fifteen yes in prison you call that equal rights

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