What do you think of women who falsely accuse men of rape, the man goes to prison she recants a couple of years later and he's released what do you think of these women? Should they be imprisoned for the same length of years? Should a be fined and made to pay a hefty restitution to the innocent man whose life they destroyed? 


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I think it's sad that our system isn't better. That the poor have one justice system compared to those who can afford a good criminal attorney.

I wish we didn't have so many falsely accused, on the flip side, there are many who got away with their despicable crimes and are walking free.

It would depend on the case. I couldn't give a generalised answer on this because each case is different. I wouldn't want to set a precedence for more women to not be taken seriously, or not listened to because of a few manipulative woman. We already struggle to be heard.

Why should the woman only be punished? What about the DA? How was there enough evidence to convict? Were the cops or the DA crooked? Was the DA running for office? Did they want this guy on something else but found this opportunity instead? He was not likely convicted based on her testimony alone.

I believe the issue has too many greys in it for a black and white solution. My opinion only.

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There was a case not too long ago in Orlando where a woman falsely accused a man of rape. As soon as the cops started investigating it was rather obvious she was lying. She was charged with filing a false police report. As Rooster has said with today's forensics, it isn't likely to happen. As for cases that happened before, I do think the woman needs to be held accountable. I am just not sure how. I don't know if a lengthy jail sentence is going to work, because I doubt anyone would recant. I do think they should have to pay the person for their lost wages if nothing else. Also a woman who does file a false claim should be evaluated for mental issues. How can anyone be so vindictive without realizing the consequnces are so critical, without there being an underlying problem.

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That's a hard one to answer. I'm not really familiar with police forensics on cases like that. I would think by now that they could easily tell if it was true and a trial would bring the facts out in the open. But yes, if a woman accuses and the man is convicted and does time, then she should be convicted and do some time also for ruining the man's life. As far as paying restitution , that would be hard to judge but it would seem right !

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Well jan u know houston cops are still trying to recover from years of lies. Their forensic office was shut down for a year. So who can u trust??

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