Did you see where they busted a 40 year old man for starting a bunch of fires in California? Over 90 homes destroyed and a 5 million dollar bail. What do you think they'll do with him?


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Building on what Danae posted, there simply isn't a sufficient punishment one could draw from the so-called justice system. Certainly restitution is not a possibility, none of the victims will be made whole again, nor will any be satisfied with whatever is finally meted out. I agree a harsh example should be made though; we might imagine some crude medieval method that might be well deserved...

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Off of what Danea and Z said, I can think of several Medieval punishments that would work beautifully. Painful punishments... The kind where he doesn't die right away. People like that infuriate me.

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How about him over a bar b que pit

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I don't know but this nutcase needs to be kept behind bars, he will probably do it again once he gets out.

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He should locked up! Wildfires are a serious threat where I live. Houses have burned not too far from me. Actually starting one on purpose is unforgiveable and this guy shouldn't be allowed to be in normal society anymore.

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He obviously has some issues and is a menace to society AND nature. He should be incarcerated for safety sake... For the rest of his life if that's how long it takes to prevent him from doing more damage .

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Here's your $100 fine and your promise not to start any more fires, okay?

In my opinion, there's not enough that they could do to someone that does something this horrendous. Just as in a flood, once the event happens, there's no coming back from it. You can't un-burn pictures, or the baby blanket you were saving for your first grandbaby.

The punishment for this should be really severe and set the example for this type of crime.

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