Why Women Have More Patience Than Men?


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The nature of a woman is that they are nurturing, intimate, and loving individuals and within their nature and their innerabilities to be passionate for others; they are a lot more patient than men.  Many women have natural "mothering" instincts and due to this natural feeling within, they are patient moreso about most things.  Men on the other hand are taught to be rough, tough, not expressive about their feelings and what they believe to be loving and caring for others; so within the two; women are the more patient when it comes to situations, lifestyles, love, intimacy, and life in general due to men being taught to be the tough guys.
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They really don't to be completely honest, that's just how society views them. Its pretty sexist to think otherwise.

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I'm a woman and I have no patience at all!!!

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That's how Allah created her that she can raise up children and babies, to carry out the paints of pregnancy and to calm down her husband while he is angry ( should do it)
and as she is the cool member in our lives she must be patient.

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