Why Was Margaret Thatcher Known As The Milk-Snatcher?


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Margaret Thatcher had a political career with a variety of controversial and difficult issues that needed to be resolved. 

Why "Milk Snatcher"?
When the conservatives won the 1970 general election, Thatcher became Secretary of State for Education and Science. Within the first few months of her taking office, she was called upon to handle a cut in the education budget. 
She was responsible for the abolition of universal free milk for school children aged 7 to 11. This had already been done for secondary schools. This resulted in her being referred to by some as "Thatcher Thatcher, Milk Snatcher". 
Recently, cabinet papers have been released showing that she spoke against this move, but was forced to enact it, due to collective responsibility. She was bound to implement the will of her fellow ministers. 
A storm of public protest broke out shortly after this action.
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Sorry, no idea, but I think it had something to do with banning free milk in schools.

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