Who Was The King Known As Longshanks?


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King Edward lst (1239-1307) was the king who was referred to as Longshanks, although by today's standard of height, he would not be regarded as tall, but he was reputedly over 6 foot tall which was very tall for a man in these times.
Edward was the first strong king of England after an unsettling period of weak or ineffectual rule. He was very much a hands on leader and whilst he had been the 'heir apparent' to the throne, he had participated in various tournaments and battles and had even been on a crusade to the Holy Land in 1270.
He was King of England from 1272-1307 and during that time he had many castles built in Wales to control the population. He also wanted to quell the Scots, who had rebelled in 1306. The following year he marched his army towards Scotland to suppress the uprising, but died en route, near Carlisle.

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