What Is Steel Mill Scandal In Pakistan?


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The Pakistan steel mill is one of the many powerful mills of the country. It is the backbone of the country economy, and serving for the country since 1968. Country's most of the export advantage is because of this steel mill. It is working in a public sector. Pakistan steel mill is the biggest flourishing industrial company of the country. Its total capacity of production of steel is 1.1 million tonnes.

The most current and thundering scandal of the Pakistan was the privatization of Pakistan steel mills. This scandal was made against his government of Pakistan in 2007. It was published and came into the public level, when the supreme court of Pakistan has ruled against the decision of the Pakistan's government, of privatizing the steel mill.

The government of Pakistan wants to sell the mill on foreign country group, and in which the Pakistani arif habib group was also included, he is the friend of the Pakistani Prime Minister Shauket Aziz. When the supreme court chief justice If tikhar chaudry ruled against this case, then he was suspended from his job by President pervez Musharaf, on the will of Shaukat Aziz. This case is still pending in the supreme court of Pakistan.

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