What Is Uses Of Clock In Our Life?


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Time was invented by the Egyptians, they decided to split our day into 24 hours although not a 24 hours like the one that we know today.  There were 12 hours of night time. They knew it was night by the position of the stars in the sky. Daytime was divided into 10 of the remaining hours and they would use a shadow clock to work out the time during the day settings.  The remaining two hours were classed as twilight hours and were before dawn and after the sun had set.

  • How the original clock worked

The first clock as we know it worked on weights, these weights would move slowly which in turned then moved gears which then moved a hand that would show the full hour. These clocks could only go in very tall towers as the weights were require great heights in which to fall.  They would only work for a short time but it was still amazing that there was only about two hours a day in which they would be stopped.  Although the accuracy of these clocks wasn't good at all, they were built so well that some are still working today.

The only clocks today that user the weight technology are cuckoo clocks.
Timekeeping has changed significantly over the years, in 1900s pendulum clocks were finally tuned so that they would only lose 1/100 of a second each day.  In the 1920s, quartz crystals were discovered by scientists and they would only be out by 1/500 second each year. In the 20th century it was discovered that atomic clocks were only be out by one second every 300 million years.

  • Why a good clock matters

Everybody is so very busy these days, that this accuracy has become so important that it is now a necessity.  People need to be on time to keep their lives in full working order.
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It is important to a lot of people, because it helps to manage time,and get to places on time, and get things done that need to be done during the day.
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