Where Can I Find A Free Pastor's Anniversary Welcome Speech Or Poem?


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Need a pastor tenth anniversary welcome speech
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A year ago [insert the actual length of time] you came to serve in this field
I appreciate you kindness, humility and labors as to the lord you yield.
Your thoughtfulness, your prayers, your sermons comfort and inspire,
I pray that God will keep you strong so your fervor will never expire.
Many may not realize the hours of study, prayer and preparation
that precede the time you spend before the congregation,
But God knows each tear you shed, the loneliness and pain you sometimes endure
And he's always right there with you to comfort and strengthen, of this you can be sure.
It is with a grateful heart full of happiness that this message I send,
Thank you for being our pastor, servant and friend.

You may like the book Just Thinking Out loud
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I try to find welcome address  for our   pastor  Anniversary.
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Sample speech for pastors anniversary
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Well, I am not really sure why you ask such a question. Just speak from your Heart and be in Prayer for Him and your Church family. Why give a speech; just speak to him. You do not need anything formal.
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Welcome address

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