What Are The Role Of Government In Community Development?


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When developing a community, the government will play a pivotal role. By working in collaboration with developers, the local community and housing associations, it can help improve rundown and deprived areas of cities. Some of the functions it may perform may include the following:

  • It will secure funding and allocate it to particular areas where development is needed. This is usually in areas of extreme deprivation where investment is needed in the local community.
  • It will oversee and manage the way in which the land is disbursed in terms of allocating it for housing, commercial properties and any city-owned buildings or resources such as a public library or school.
  • Final approval has to be passed by the government before the developers can begin any regeneration work, so in a way it has the final say on what happens.
  • The government can help develop more affordable housing for people living on low incomes meaning more may be able to afford to buy their own homes.
There may be more community buildings and facilities built with money set aside by the government. This may help prevent crime in the local area as young people have more to do and it may bring more communities closer together. It may even encourage more businesses to invest in the local area, which could bring more jobs and economic prosperity to the community.

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