What Is The Importance Of Computer In Government?


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Computer systems have a vital role to play in modern governments all over the world. In particular, computer technology is essential in administration processes, and is often used to track population levels and collect census data on the citizens in a country. Information on members of a population is kept in secure computer systems as opposed to traditional filing cabinets, as this saves space and enables data to be processed efficiently for a number of unique purposes. Governments also use computerized systems to keep information about taxes and other financial figures. Spreadsheets can be used to create other documents, such as charts and reports, which would otherwise take a lot longer to produce.

Individual government sectors such as the police and military also have a lot to gain from computers. Police vehicles and spy agencies such as the FBI make use of laptop computers which provide them with current information on any criminals and tax evaders that may be operating in an area. Police car computers even have the highly useful ability to carry out on-the-spot registration plate checks to see if cars are insured and have up-to-date MOTs. Most modern aircrafts are also equipped with the technology required to track opposition forces and some of the most advanced computer technology in existence is used exclusively by the military.

Government not only benefits from computer technology, but equally, helps to develop it to complete new and more advanced functions than ever in the past. Take the US Government, for instance, who played an instrumental role in pioneering the development of the World Wide Web. For international governments, there's a lot to be gained from using computers. They relieve time pressures from workers who would otherwise have to carry out certain procedures manually, whilst also eradicating the prominent and hugely damaging risk of human error.

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