What Is The Role Of Computer Based Information System In Government And Business?


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This is a good question, because they actually play a very important role. Governments and businesses use computer-based information systems to store and archive large amounts of data, technology, and algorithmic processes to be accessed in an analytical or problem solving capacity at a later time. This information is then used to the government or company's advantage to support decision making and other managerial operations.

These systems are essential in all aspects of government and business operations because they introduce an effective system of data management and utilisation. Their method of operation is rather simple, at least from an outside perspective. Computers process company data, and information systems specialists take that data, translate it, and interpret it into something that communicates a gain, a loss, or a need to the government or business in question.

A computer-based information system is thus a series of computers, instructions, facts, professionals and procedures. They are about human interaction with the technological storage and subsequent processing of information. This element of computer-individual communication is what sets them apart from standard information technology systems, which do not include the human element, at least not at quite the same level as information systems do.

There are three varieties of information systems -- management, decision support and executive information -- and each is applied in both governmental and business environments. It isn't uncommon for all three systems to be active at one location, as they are all considered to be a great asset to efficient operation.

Companies and organisations are ever eager to welcome their own information systems specialists on board, and many colleges and universities worldwide have introduced bachelor of the arts programs devoted to the study of this field. This should stand as testament to the importance of computer-based information systems and their role in the present and the future of business and government.
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Computer based information system plays very vital role in government as well as business world. The foremost role is to provide efficient and quick data access and processing. At the same time this is useful way of keeping the database secure and up to date.

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