Why do we love old people, especially little old ladies?


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They Are Wise. Experienced And Have Lots Of Glorious Wonderful Memories Of Life 60 Years Ago.. They Spoil Us. They Teach Us About Manners And How To Cherish Life  Because They Lived Through The Great Depression. They Deserve Our Respect And Admiration Because THey Never Had Cell Phones I Pads  IPods Laptops  CD Players And The Internet And Got Along Just Fine
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Tony Newcastle
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Quite so!
Meta Forrest
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There are not many people still living who experienced the great depression, unless they were children at the time . Just when do you think the great depression took place ?
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Maybe we just feel they are vulnerable .
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Sorry, I forgot you think of yourself as a funny person. Even when you're not .
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Lyonese, The great depression began in most countries around 1929 and lasted for approx 10 years . So for older ladies who were born 1929 ,they will be 81 now and they are not exactly rare are they.? They will be able to remember the depression from being ,say, 6 years old in in 1935 and onwards. I beg to differ with you that there are not many around who experienced the great depression as there are many older ladies born prior to 1929. Remember ladies ,on average, live longer than men.
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My mom just turned 93 - she was born in 1917, and believe me, she remembers it well.
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We love them because they are so cute, mostly.
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I think older people tend to go back to being much more innocent in our eyes. They tend to take pleasure in the simple things & see things with child like eyes. They also seem to bring back times to us when things were much more simple.
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My mother is a little ol lady and she comes up with some of the wildest, crazyist things she and her sisters would do when they were in their teens. I love listening to her stories and the way of life back then and what was important. My dad's stories are as equally funny but he has such a way of telling them that gets me laughing so hard I end up crying - he says he loves to make me laugh like that. I want to believe that old people had integrity and were honourablel.

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