What Is The Importance Of Studying Government?


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This will let us escape from ignorance towards the body governing our country.

It is really important for anyone to know, how his/her country is being managed. Of course, when we know a lot about the systems governing our country, then, we will also know our responsibilities as a citizen of that country.

Another, if you have enough knowledge about the different forms of the government, and the country of yours is planning to switch your government from one form to another, you will be able to have a chance to express your side towards the situation, whether you are in favor of it or not, with a reasonable explanation why you choose such.

Being a responsible citizen of your motherland, you must be aware with such major issues within your country.

-hope it helps.. ^^-
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Well this probably isn't what you were seeking... I study the Government to find out where my money is being spent, who is a sell out and who is slightly trustworthy.

You must study them to know your enemy, You elect them but after that the honey moon is over... Time for the harsh treatment lol

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Tell me is the importance of government

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