Can Anyone Help? I Lost My Young Husband April 2007. The First Christmas Without Him Was Hard, But It Seems That This Year, The Second One, Is Worse.


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I can not even imagine what you are going through having lost your husband.  I am very sorry once again for your loss.  The only loss I have really went through the last few years were my 7 miscarriages which were hard and I don't think I will ever be the same after them.  I can see how the loneliness would be overwhelming.  Especially, during the holidays.  All I can say is to spend all your time with your friends and family and with your friends here at blurtit.  We all love you and will keep you in tact.  It might help trying to find new things to do that you are interested in if you can.  Like you did being in your Christmas Pageant.  To occupy your time.  I am on blurtit a lot that is where I spend all of my spare time.  My hubby works 7 days a weeks and only gets 1 week off per year no days off so it gets lonely around here too.  Even with the 5 kids.  It gets depressing.
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Find a group and deal with the grief, it takes a long time, but you will get over it.  There are grief groups out there also widow groups and groups for all kinds of things.  Get out to them you will meet many people who have lost their own partners and can relate to you.  Sharing your pain is a major step in recovery.  Praying is great, but you need so much more.  Try private counseling if you can.  Go to free anything, mix with people it will help lift your spirits, excercise, even a walk around the block to start.  Go to your local library or book store and get some books about grief, and educate yourself so you know what to expect and get some help, don't do this alone.  Most hospitals offer groups for grief, call one up and ask for help.
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Yes! Someone has helped "Jesus" died and rose again to help you! Now the intimate relationship in your heart that you had for your husband. Give that part of your heart to "Jesus" His Passion is to have a passionate relationship with you! Not worthy works! The Holy Comforter will comfort you in all areas of your life. Don't be a frigid bride! Open your heart and receive.
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I am a Christian already, and I know God is here with me. But the pain and loneliness are still very hard.
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A Lot of Christians have not "realized" how to cast every care at his feet. Your heart was not created to hold on to pain, You nullify the cross in your heart when you hold on to it, your heart will play the pain like a broken record, over and over . God has a touch for you to revive all things. Cry out for your resurrection portion, that is a part of your inheritance.
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Jeez that's harsh. You could try distracting yourself. Keep yourself really busy that way you wont have time to think about it.  Or you could see a therapist and talk about it to them...
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Sorry about your lost but the only advice i can give you is to PRAY and ask God to lead and guide you through and believe in him cuz he'll make a way out of no way to help ease the pain!! God bless you

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