How Do I Turn Red Diesel Into White Diesel?


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Although it is technically possible to turn red diesel into white diesel, mainly through various bleaching processes, it is almost impossible to totally remove the chemical signature of the red dye from the diesel, and even trace amounts can be detected.

  • Differences Between Red and White Diesel
The main difference between the two types of diesel lies in the dye. Red diesel does not carry fuel duty, which is the reason for the very strict rules where it can be used.

It also appears to be of a lower grade, as many who have used it in cars or trucks admit that the vehicles in question do not seem to run as well, and the red diesel also seems to involve greater output of soot and smoke.

  • Cost Involved in Bleaching
To turn red into white diesel generally involves investing in a variety of chemicals and equipment. By the time all this has been paid for, it is more cost-effective to just buy white diesel in the first place.

  • Consequences
Turning red diesel into white is illegal and, if you are caught, carries large fines. In addition, the car it was used in often gets impounded for at least 12 days. It will then also cost to have it released again.

  • Is it Worth it?
As a whole, everyone across a whole range of sources seems to agree that turning red diesel into white diesel is simply not worth the effort. There are only very few people who are willing to take the legal risk involved.

Considering the expenses, time and effort as well, especially as traces of the dye's signature will remain and be detectable anyway, the whole idea of trying to save money by flaunting the law and tampering with fuel seems to be a pretty pointless exercise.
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I have a friend that worked for petrol companies. Yes there is an antidote available that these companies use to turn diesel from white to red or red to white depending on necessity. Of course it is not readily available

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Red diesel is a diesel that has its own unique 'Signature' and even if the colour has been changed which can be done very easily the diesel molecules signature of the tax free diesel has its very own identity which allows authorities to recognise and establish the tax free and the one with duty paid on the fuel. Believe me these guys ain't stupid they cover most angles on such activities.

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