What Stereotype Annoys You Most?


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Too many stereotypes for me to choose. By virtue of experience I know people are people no matter where or who or race or whatever..
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The stereotype that gets me is that all black women have sassy talking, neck rolling , finger popping, hands on their hips personalities!
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alex stiger
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or just b/c u r a black girl that speaks proper englished & carry's ure self in a good well-mannered that u r snobby, stuck-up or u act white?
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In my opinion the most annoying are the ones who think that they know everything about doctors' work and are always trying to teach you something !
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Ugh the 'all goths are satanists' stereotype. I'm stereotyped as 'goth' because of my chioce in clothing and with it I am also always stereotyped as 'satanist' this annys the hell out of me because I am a Christian.
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Susan Hedrick
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I agree with you 100%!!! My soon-to-be-step-daughter is a born-again Christian & dresses tottally goth. And of course people who don't know her background obviously judge her by what she wears. Even the church she grew-up in, was raised & baptized in gave her a hard time after she came back from college dressed in goth. It made her quit going for several years but she's back now. She found a whole community of born-again goth christians she hangs with & goes to church with now. Good luck & God Bless you!!!! God Loves U!!!!
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Cowboys are said to be dumb, and I'm not! When I worked with other cowboys I had to hide my smarts, and after they saw me man handling mean cattle I earned their respect. They over looked my being smart.

Well that and I'm into a form of martial arts only used in the military, and is very offensive not defensive as they teach in Do Jo's. Lol :)
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My girlfriend is Japanese and many men try to get her phone number because of the stereotype that all Japanese girls want an American boyfriend and are easy to get into bed. I really hate those. What's worse, she sometimes mentions 'my boyfriend' in her conversations with them and they still try to get her to go out for a cup of coffee! I wouldn't mind her going out with friends, but these are complete strangers that walk up to her at Starbucks while she is studying. Talk about desperate. That's what singles bars are for. Take that behavior to the right place.

The good thing is that she has learned to step outside of her cultural norms and politely say 'no,' which can be difficult for some Japanese people. Especially if they grew up in Japan.
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cooper shannon
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christ. Very harsh!
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It's too bad your girlfriend needs to be made uncomfortable by the obnoxious behavior of some guys. Good for her, though, for adjusting and learning to deal with the situation!
moodie madd
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That's awful!
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ALL stereo types annoy me. I'm puertorican and a lot of my friends and people thought I was conceited by the way I looked because I was puertorican. But they said when they talk to me for the first time  that I was nothing like a conceited person. I hate that why do people think just because I'm puertorican I'm conceited when I'm really not!!!
People should really not stereo type people
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I am italan and the only things we are noted for, cooking(the guy in the pizza parlor, tossing dough, or for being gangsters. I also hate when italians pose as gangsters or say I with the moffeoso. I have dated a few men who decied to rent a dvd, what do they always pick out the godfater, or respectavly one of the sequels. I mean nona burned me out on them by the age of ten. We are either fat and hairy, or dashingly beatiful. I will admit we call poppys back a bear skin rug:) For some reason my cold meds are greatly effecting my spellin. Sorry. We must always, always breed, that is our purpose, the man's job is bringin home the bacon. Well its the my family has thought for years. With that said my husband will help any way he can w/the kids, housework.ect. I actually have to fuss at him my chores aren't so many I can handle them on my home blah, blah Please don't email me sympathy, I have been around the world exposed to many thing, this life style is my choice, it's what I wanted feedback?
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I think anyone who stereotypes anyone is annoying to me people shouldn't judge anyone by their religion or color or gender...it is not anyone's right to judge anyone.
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I am Vietnamese. The stereotypes that annoy me the most: Asians are complete nerds that do nothing but study. Girls can't play sports. And the one where every Asian is a 'chink'. Psh... We can't all be Chinese
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I think stereotyping different groups of people is an easy, non-threatening way to try to define and understand those who are not of your same culture, race, nationality, religion etc. When I say non-threatening, I mean for the person who is doing the stereotyping. I am by no means defending it, just saying that many people do not have or take the opportunity to really get to know someone whose background is very different from their own. They may even feel afraid of people who are not like themselves. Human beings naturally want to try to make sense of their world and this is an easy (lazy) way of doing that with other people. It's a sort of shorthand.

When someone with an open mind has the opportunity to get to know a person who is different from themselves, they see that everyone is an individual. Everyone wants to be valued for who they are and being defined by a broad and usually negative stereotype can be hurtful.

This is one of the reasons Blurtit is so wonderful. It affords us the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. In many of the topics and questions that come up, I see people from varied backgrounds who feel the same as I do. I also get to enjoy unique perspectives that I might never have thought of on my own.

Thank you for a thought-provoking question. I hope before anyone stereotypes someone else, they think about how they would feel if that were done to them.
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One thing that really tics me off is that just because I'm a girl means I can't be smart or any good at sports. I'm actually really good at football & soccer & I can snowboard too. Why is it that girls have to be cute and sweet and we can't ever get our hand dirty. Its such a stupid stereotype
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Ive never herd of that stereotype of a japanese person. I think all asians are hard to differentiate. I mean to me the stereotype is slanty eyes and skinny rice eaters rite? Lol Thats me a stupid white american though. Lol

I think poeple are more aware of stereotypes that fit there type in there own worlds.
I also think the most annoying stereotype is the meaning of the word itself.

Function: Noun
Etymology: French stéréotype, from stéré- stere- + type
1 : A plate cast from a printing surface
2 : Something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially : A standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment

darn french people. No seriously though when a person is stereotypical he is using a form of racism in my opinion
I know its not a "race thing" but thats my point really. Its a judgment thing. Wich is what racism is is judgment
or stereotype based on race.

Its not a race thing nothing is because every race has its differences withen it culture and society. No one is the same. Duh! Only similar, but not always.

Since you posed a question about stereotypes and a particular race it comes up in my mind. 

Had you said "what stereotype comes to mind for someone who takes pictures a lot and wears big ass glasses"

I probably would say a poindexter (wich it self is a stereotype haha) otherwise known as nerd maybe geek?
I take a lot of pictures. I like them its like art to me. I don't weare glasses, but one day I'm sure I will need them.  I'm in my own definition geed or nerd.
We are all geeks for what we like. Its called passion....  No matter what its for.

I hate people who place judgment by adhering to strict rules of any stereotype. Its very anoying. It will also depend on where you have been in life and who you are. Both physically and mentally...

My final answer in a few words:

I think the one for me is (being that I'm blond hair blue eyed and white)  that I must be rasist.  I'm not. I hate when a white man starts talkin rasist like its "ok" I get very defensive. I tell em  how it is my little brother is half black and my step dad is black there both good peeps.
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That all homeschooled kids are weird or strangely religious!  I'm homeschooled and I'm not weird or strangely religious.  I'm on a homeschool volleyball team...and my teamies are cool too!  The only difference I could think of is most ppl think I'm a college student and I'm a sophmore in high school. Lol
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I suppose I get dismayed by the 'all cyclists are lycra-clad louts, breaking all the traffic rules going' image that the media sometimes pushes.

Equally, I'm sure that white van man must be tired of a similar image (sans lycra!).
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Robyn Rothman
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My nephew is a "lycra-clad" cyclist, but a lout he's not. He rides competetively and is really good at it! I'm on your side.
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Robyn Rothman answered
I really hate the notion that all fat people are jolly or slobs. Once someone makes a crack like that, it's hard to be jolly.

I also can't understand comments about Chinese people being dangerous drivers. How insulting! All such prejudices are insulting and cruel.
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I dislike the fact that many people think it's ok to judge or criticize fat people because it's somehow their fault. Even though I know that it is a legitimate health issue, I can't help being annoyed every time I hear something about the obesity epidemic, it seems judgemental to me.
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Steroetypes about women/men. Perhaps the most pervasive stereotypes in our society today are about gender on both sides. It's discouraging, especially considering how wonderfully the sexes can complement one another.
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The real problem with stereotyping is that stereotypes are used as an excuse to express and justify hate, fear, anger, and even jealousy, among other things. Whenever the purpose is to lump an entire group of similar looking people into one negative stereotype, then there is an effort being made to excuse ignorance. One of the biggest problems with this is that there ARE patterns that ARE valid that need to be addressed but cannot, without the addressor being considered racist or sexist or a bigot of one sort or another. Yes we are all people with strengths and weaknesses, beautiful characteristics and not so wonderful attributes, but we are different and that is okay, even GOOD! If people come from different backgrounds, have different bloodlines, and different biological histories, then it makes sense that there would be differences and inequalities, and it should not be an evil to acknowledge these differences. Many times, stereotypes are in some way historically based on a pattern that really exists or existed to a greater degree with the group being singled out then tends to exist with other groups. If the behavior or difference tends to be a negative one, then it would be helpful for that group of people to be able to come to terms with the issue(s) and face them together. EVERY different segment of society has different pros and cons that tend to be particular to their group, and I don't think it's unhealthy to address these items with the goal of improving ourselves and each other for the common good. It's only unhealthy when the observance of these differences or behavior patterns is used as a means to create division and distrust among people. In short, because stereotyping is done without good intention, it is thusly DESTRUCTIVE in its very nature. Howere noticing differences and patterns among individual societal segments, with the intent of self/group improvement should be encouraged as such behavior would be CONSTRUCTIVE in nature.
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That all old people are stupid,that all young people are lazy,don't judge a book by its cover.
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Psychiatric illnesses are stereotyped as raving lunatics climbing walls and trying their best to kill people. I have worked in this field for many years and I can tell you that the most physical attacks I suffered were from working in an ordinary casualty unit at an ordinary hospital.
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I'd have to say all. Especially the ones like all teenage girls are easy and talk in text (oh my god, lol, jkjk, etc.) I'm proud to say I'm almost 15 and a virgin:) also, the stereotype that all people that wear dark, ''emo'' or ''goth" clothes cut themselves. A lot of people run up to me and say stuff like "are you emo??" and that really bothers me. My parents think I'm trying to get attention with the clothes I wear and that I'll give up my hopes of moving to or visiting japan because of the cultural differences, but I've been studying Japan/ese for years! Sorry, this turned into a rant haha.
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Gay stereotypes annoy me. I'm not 'gay' I mean, I'm bisexual (I count it as half gay lol) but I have a few friends who are gay. Tyson Evans and Roy Lovett (those two are dating btw ;P) and when I hear people being bashed and stereotypes about sexuality in general, I get pretty mad. I support those two completely and they support me, I guess that's why it makes me so angry.

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Roy Lovett
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Rei..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? xD... Nah, jk, I'm not mad :3 Thanks love! ^^ Those stereotypes make me mad as well, I can keep my cool better than Ty tho.
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The person that annoys me the most is the person that complained about everyone and everything, no one can do anything right but that person that gripes about everything.
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People who laugh at themselves when they make a joke and no-one else laughs

thats annoying

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