What Bothers You Most About What Happening In Our Country Today?>


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Human life seems to have less and less value.  We have thugs who will murder you for a few dollars (my friend was murdered for $30).  We have drunks on the road who do not care if they kill themselves and certainly do not think of anyone else when they get behind the wheel of a car.  We have a government that is thinking about rationing health care to the oldest of our society and the people who are less capable of contributing to our society.  We are seeing our countrymen killed and/or jailed all over the world by the morally bankrupt governments.  We have thieves, drug addicts etc., that do not value human life.  We have Mother's that abort their unborn children because it is not convenient to have a child at the moment.   Women fear for their lives and the lives of their children at the hands of their own husbands.  Lying and other forms of dishonesty are more of a norm than not or so it seems.  I guess it just seems to this old lady that our country has lost it value system.  Nobody seems to care for anyone outside their own circle of family or friends.

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