What's The Best Gift You Have Ever Got?


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The best gift I ever received was an act of love that led to changing the outcome of my life forever. I never been the same since. He saved me out of life that was going downhill. He is in the life changing business and gave up all he had for me. He let me know how much He loved me and how valueable He considers me. He is very supportive and is always right there with me. He desires to spend time with me and even prays for me. He's wonderful. He's a gift from God.
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I thought about this for about 15 minutes. Thought back to all my old gifts that I remembered and all my birthday parties and then I figured it out. The best gift I have ever gotten is my family and friends. No matter how many things I have gotten weither it is a A huge surround sound game room from my dad or a stuffed animal from my friend. Those don't usually stick around you all your life but your family and friends do. So the best gift I have gotten is being with them.
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I thought about how I would answer this question for 2 days because I have received so many great things in my life. Besides my husband and children there is one thing that I will always remember receiving. I was about 10 years old and had lived on the same street for about 8 of those years. A little boy named Eric lived down the street and he was almost a year older than myself. We walked to and from school together everyday. We played after school together everyday and so I guess you could say he was my best friend. One evening my mother started packing our things and told me that she was leaving her husband. The whole neighbourhood was outside watching the commotion. Right when we were about to leave Eric was coming home from baseball practice and saw what was going on. He came running down the street and asked what was happening. I exlpained and told him I didn't know if we would ever come back. He handed my his baseball mit and told me to sleep with it under my pillow every night and that way he would now that I was alive. We hugged and then I left. I slept with the mit under my pillow until I graduated high school and in a weird way felt safe with it there. I always wondered what happened to him. I don't think I have received anything that compares to that. Thanks Eric!
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The best gift I ever got, was when I bought my "2001 Ford Explorer". I paid cash for it!!! Its the best thing I could have ever done for myself.
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Thats soooo sweet u should look him up on facebook
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I came from a family of 11 and when I was young around 10 or so my older sister sent me a birthday card of a train and it had money on the wheels .I think it was about $2.00 I can't remember getting anything for my birthday and I thought this was the greatest thing.I have never forgotten that day and it just sticks in my memory.I am a grown woman now and my sister is no longer living.But I will always remember her for that reason.
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It may sound a bit bleak but the best gift I ever got was about 6 years ago. Its a book called lost lives. It documents all the stories behind each and every person who died during the troubles in northern Ireland. I have lost so many friends and neighbours that I keep it as a sort of memorial. It has been borrowed from me on countless occasions. In fact only recently my son met a girl who's brother was shot dead. His story is in it. Because we are only 6 small counties, 30 years of strife has touched us all and this book in a way shows the futility of it all. I wouldn't part with it.
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It was a plane ride home from VIETNAM!
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Well I don't consider relationships as gifts..but if I did I would agree that Jesus my husband and my children take priority.. If you are asking about an actual thing I was given it would be a top of the line sewing machine that my husband bought for me many many years ago when money was tight and He decided to sell a car and get a loan to pay for it because he had every confidence that I would earn back every dime he paid. It was true. Knowing that he believed in me that much drove me to perfect the skill, sell things I made, even teach others to sew, and has given me A life long joy in creating and even sewing for charity. In the same vein He was given a guitar at 18 and opportunities to learn the music skills. It has been the same type of gift: A confidence builder, a creative outlet, a door opener in social settings, a therapeutic hobby, and a tool to bring joy in churches or hospitals or retirement homes. So I would say if you want to give a gift that lasts find out about the persons desires and give them a quality
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LIFE- I was given,blessed,lucked out or how ever someone would look at it -In 1967 I was 8 years old. I had a heart murmer? I was the 16th kid in the Dayton Ohio area to have open heart. They repaired the hole. 48 years later I am able to say ""Thank you Lord -You gave me the gift of life.""
Writing this made me realize, "OH how many times I have taken
this special LIFE for granted
THANK YOU adad1122 , for reminding me to be more grateful.
Live it -love it and then laugh:)
LIFE is soooo short.
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Izzy Young
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How amazing! So many of the medical procedures today are taken for granted, and they haven't been used very long! What an amazing gift -- you, your family, and the surgeons are so courageous!!
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My favorite gifts are stuff toys and perfumes. Having said that, the best gift I ever got was a photo album containing all my childhood photos. It made me feel extremely happy.
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An unknown Doctor to me, directed the emergency room staff to continue to use the defribulator,
They did for a total of seven times, over the time span of four minutes. He stated "He is too young to let go"! I was content to be in the state I was at. It was later with reflection, I would be missing how the children would be establishing their lives. As I answered my oldest son's question "How was it?" and I mentioned in addition to my vivid positive description, "and your mother wasn't there"! She was right behind him!
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The birth of my 3 kids. When I think back on these days it brings joy back into my heart.....
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The best gift I have ever got is blessing from the elders ... Which makes my day even more shining and bright... !!!
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My best gift ever was when I graduated from high school and my mother handed me a photo album of me from all of my childhood ...it was the best present and I still have it 20 + years later and still remember how awesome it felt to receive it
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My daughter! It was hard for my husband & I to conceive. When I became pregnant I was told every other week that I might miscarry!
So finally when we had her & she looked in our eyes, I thought this is what life is all about! Love, Hope, Happiness, Togetherness, all of these are gifts I received with just that look from her!
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When I was in 4th grade, I fell in love with The Babysitters' Club books, and I decided I wanted to be a writer. I still get teary when I think about my daddy believing in me so much that he got his nerdy little daughter a typewriter instead of a normal gift, like a bike or VCR or Nintendo. I used the typewriter until college when I finally had to join the tech revolution and get a computer.
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When I was about 10, I wanted a real princess outfit. My parents were divorced. My Mom went to a thrift store, bought a gold ballgown, and had it cut down to size. She got me a hat wig [60's] and a tiara from the five and dime, she got gold high heels that fit me.
That was the very best gift, I thought no-one would recognize me!
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When I was in the 1st grade I had a teacher who gave me the greatest gift-Mr.s builderbat-I was having trouble learning to read- she told me.-"hugh,you learn to read by reading ,Just like you will someday learn to drive a car by driving".she extended special time to me-even gave my mother a program to help me-.by end of semester I was third in top readers-mr.s builderbat I love you, wherever you are, You gave me the wonderful gift of reading!!!
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Fantastic. Inspiring account of the gifts we give each other even while often unbeknownst to the giver.
BRAZ HUTCH answered
Well it was early in the morning.
I awoke to see the shining sun glistening into my bedroom.
As I roll over I noticed something different.
It was a bicycle.
This made me extremely happy because my family is not the richest family but even so, they bought this expensive bicycle that I have been wanting for the past 4 months.
I dreamt about this bicycle every night.
So if you think about it, it was a dream come true
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The best gift I ever received was from my husband he bought me a necklace for valentines day last year I wasn't expecting it so it was the best gift I ever received .
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The greatest gift I ever received was my best friend. Some will understand, and some won't. My heart goes out to those who won't be able to understand what I'm saying.
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My god, how patronising can you get. I have lots of friends, many are very close to me, but by no means are they the best gift I ever received, people aren't gifts but the love that they give you are, I wake up every morning and thank the world that I met my girlfriend but I'm not going to patronise anybody who hasn't found love yet because that is part of life, they will someday and don't deserve to be trodden on by someone saying 'Up yours World, I've got something you don't have'.
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The best gift I have got is perfumes and t-short .... When you feel love any gift you made you extremely happy.
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A bicycle on my ten's birthday, and I have rode it everywhere since then, which brought me many happy memeories.
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Well being that I'm a purse (bag, handbag, pocketbook) FREAK, especially when it comes to designer label bags like Coach, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, etc. I would have to say most of my best gifts have been designer purses! =)
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When I was 15 years old, I longed for a bicycle a lot, and my father bought two on my birthday, one was for my mother and the other for me, this is the best gift to share with my family...
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The best gift I ever received was an mp3 watch from my friend as a birthday present.   I did not expect it, so it really surprised me! I am loving it! Share it with all of you!
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When  I  was  18 years old,I got  my first pair of shoes , which I thought is the most expensive shoes I have got.That's on my birthday, my father gave  the gift to me.He said :"you  have grown up,you should learn  everything by yourself."  I nodded.

The gift to me is best in my memories.
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One night I had just got done taking care of all my business and I had got relaxed. Almost dosing off their was a knock at the door but I didn't answer but one of my sisiter did someone came in but I didn't think anything of it. I got up to turn the TV off when someone told me to not turn around and close my eyes konwing the familiar voice of my boyfriend I felt a necklace go on my neck and an ring on my finger after opening my eyes I instantly being to cry it was beautiful.
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This might sound silly and materialistic ( I'm not ) but my husband bought me a brand new Chevy Trail Blazer in 2002 .
It was a surprise anniversary present .
We live in snow country and it was greatly appreciated,
since we had a lot of snow and more on the way .
It just made me feel so safe and loved !

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Gifts does not essentially be a thing, I given a hug by one of my friends when I saved him from dire straights. For me gifts are not important. Gifts are temporary maintaining good human relations is itself a big gift for me
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The very best gift I have ever received, other than my children, was the gift of life. I am a Cancer Survior.
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I received a small gift .Its in small   box when I opened it it was a little pink teddy bear from my brother. He is 16 year younger   then me that time he was 10 year old. He likes that teddy very much I don't know how he give it to me he really love that teddy bear. When I miss my brother so much I always opened that box and see that teddy bear I think my brother forgot that he give me his teddy but I forgot that time I receive it and   never forgot in my life.
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The best gift of my life I received is from my papa. Of course, family gifts are always memorable. It was a collage of my family photographs. I just love it always. Yes, I received one more gift in the office from the side of my boss for doing the best work in the company. It was a big project and I was team head for this project. After completing the project successfully he calls me and said that you did excellent work, praise for my work and give me a bonus check for my work. It is the best gift in my life that is getting in my professional life.
On those days, Diwali is near so, and it is natural to distribute gifts for Diwali to employees then I get also gifts for Diwali and also get more wishes because of some special work. It is unforgettable for me.
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I recieved it on my birthday. Last year it was given by my classmates a "Photo frame and a Perfume" with a collage consisting a college days friends pics into it. I have it on my study table makes me memorise all those golden days in my heart. Perfume for men is the best corporate gift to be given to a person into official work. 

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I will have to admit that I do not normally accept gifts from anyone, but
myself! However, it’s true that the diamond and gold earring that my wife gave
me when I first had my piercing done was a pretty nice one. The tattoo she got
me for my 28th birthday is also memorable. She is the only one who
can possibly get my gifts right!

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The best gift that I receiver ever is a cheap spa day with my mom. Its the best moment and best gift that I receive from my boyfriend. I was able to bond with my mom when she was still alive.
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I got a photo frame, it consists phone of my friends with me. That photo was taken before my marriage.... I can't express how much happy I was by seeing it...
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13 years ago, I was given my dog, Tyrone. He was a year old at the time. He wasn't a Christmas present, but I got him a week before Christmas - so close enough and he is still with me today. 

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