What is the best Birthday gift you have ever got?


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We've given up on birthday gifts but if I told you that my birthday is early in April and three of my sons were born the first week in January or (prematurely) in December, you might be able to work out what my gift was.

Those were the days. :)

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Princess Arabella!

Second place,

It was a combination birthday and anniversary gift. That was almost 19 years ago and I still drive it.

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A "Dear John" letter from my first witch of a wife ! Came right on my birthday and made me one happy soldier. Best birthday present ever ! I was 20. Made the heat and hell happy for at least one day.

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Last year my youngest daughter gave me a πŸš—. 

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Yin And Yang
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Tiger, you are so sweet. :0)
PJ Stein
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Thanks ladies. I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. Considering how my life turned out and how often my husband and I moved it wouldn't have been fair to a child. I believe things worked out the way they were suppose to. Plus I got to spoil my nieces and nephews and be the cool aunt.
Fortis Paradise
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Gator, I was very touched by what you said and I'm glad things have worked out in a good way for you,🌷
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A ride in a sailplane (glider).

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Ancient Hippy
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Back in the early 80's, I had a hot air balloon land in my backyard pool. What a shocking sight to see. Everyone got out OK with no injuries although everyone was wet.
Didge Doo
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Traditionally they drink champagne after a balloon flight. Why? Because they want to celebrate landing without getting killed. It would have been startling to have a visit to your pool like that. Ducks are bad enough. :)
Ancient Hippy
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They had their champagne while sitting around the pool. Luckily, I was digging a foundation for an addition to my house and I had a front end loader sitting there. That's how we got the basket out of the pool, using a towing chain.
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A brick. LOL! But not just any brick. In 2012 when the town of Gettysburg was preparing for the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2013, my kids went together and purchased a paver brick with my name etched in it. When the town put the new pavers down for sidewalks, mine was placed in front of the David Wills House. David Wills was the lawyer who wrote Abraham Lincoln and ask him to say "a few appropriate words" at the dedication of the Getyysburg National Cemetery. Those few appropriate words became the Gettysburg Address. I didn't make it down to Gettysburg this year, but the brick was still there last year. I won't get the brick but I have a framed certificate with some photos hanging above my desk.

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The best one-  The night of my 30th birthday dinner, my wife announced to us all she was expecting our fourth child.

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My late father and husband gave me the same type of necklace twenty years apart. My husband's had a charm on it. I have and cherish them both dearly.

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For my 11th birthday I got a bright red Raleigh 3 speed bicycle.  Which was pretty spiffy for the time - 10 speeds were rare and exotic. 

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My son bought me this from his first paycheck from his first job. Made me cry.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh! I just looked really close at the writing, and it says, "Open Hearts"...! Oh that is even more lovely...
Danae Hitch
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This was designed by Jane Seymour. I've included a link to her explanation for the open heart design.

Virginia Lou
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Danae, I read it...lovely...and it's Jane Seymour!
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Personally, the best birthday gift I have ever gotten has never been a physical object but, being around people I care about (as cheesy as it may seem).

Going to a homeless youth shelter, donating clothing and celebrating my birthday with other people gave me the valuable gift of community and an understanding that as I age my responsibility in this world increases a bit more. I think the best gift we can possibly give ourselves is through helping others in any significant way we can. The feeling of content and fulfillment from this is the most satisfying yet, selfish gift I will ever want to cherish.

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