What is the best present you ever received for Christmas or birthday?


4 Answers

K. B.  Baldwin Profile
K. B. Baldwin answered

Probably a new bicycle for my 11th birthday.  It was a bright red  three speed Raleigh.  I put many many miles on that vehicle.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

That's a toss up. One would be the pup in my avatar picture, and the other would be my car. My anniversary, birthday and Valentine's day happen within 3 weeks of each other. On my first anniversary my husband bought me a Mustang convertible. I still have it, 17 years later.

Tris Fray Potter Profile

For my 14 birthday (this year), my grandma gave me this gold ring with real rubies and diamonds which has been in the family for 8 generations.

Ancient One Profile
Ancient One answered

It was my birthday in 1968. My First Sergeant handed me a piece of paper saying due to transportation issues I was to leave Vietnam two months early. So ended my first tour.

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