90th Birthday Party Ideas:) My Father In Law Is Turning 90 Years Old. How Can I Make His Day Wonderful?


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I appreciate your conundrum, I mean your father in law has been around for almost a century what can you do that he hasn't already seen?
Well I would recommend getting as many family members and friends together as you can, memories and reminiscences will be what makes this most special of days even more special.
Is your father in law still relatively mobile? I ask as this could affect where the party will be held. If he is then take your pick from good local restaurants or function rooms, bearing in mind that the menu has to be to his taste. Many older people go off spicy food and avoid anything too chewy or crunchy, unless they still have fantastic teeth. Try and avoid anywhere with lots of stairs and make sure the restroom is easily accessible.
What about hiring a screen at a cinema and showing one of his favourite films? Or set up a big screen in your home and replicate the pre-war movie theatre experience?
If your father in law is restricted in movement, either take the party to him or more preferably host the party at yours, maybe in the garden if it is a summer birthday. In fact I would avoid holding it at the residence of your father in law as nobody likes cleaning up (more so if you're a nonagenarian) and no matter what you will say he will probably insist on helping. Also he may tire during the party and if it is in full-swing it may be hard for him to rest.
So to conclude, fill the day with memories and his nearest and dearest and make sure he is comfortable and can partake in all the activities.
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My mother-in-law is turning 90 in May.  Besides having many friends and family arrive for lunch between noon & 3:00, we have established a "money tree" in lieu of gifts, and she's headed for the casino the same evening.  She can't wait!
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When a lady I know had her 90th birthday a couple of years ago, the big thing for her was the fact that so many of her friends and family came to the party. The party itself was quite a simple one, with 9 (not 90!!) candles on the cake, little gifts and so on. The same was true for a former teacher of mine who had a 90th party - it was all quite plain, but he was so pleased that so many of his former pupils came. I'm sure your parents-in-law will appreciate anything you can do to let them know they are loved, such as getting people to write or call if they can't be at the party. And I bet they appreciate having a daughter in law who loves them.

Hope it's a great success.
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Thank You so much! That's just what I am doing. I have quests coming from back east that he has not seen in years.
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I just produced a 9- min video covering snapshots of my mother in law, who is turning 90 today - a minute for each 10 years. The dinner is in fact a couple of hours away and everyone is busy doing something. I thought putting pictures together always help to bring the right mood to the dinner party, you can be assured of at least some reminiscence and response when relatives, family and friends see their pictures as well. And with the right music ( I used a couple of old songs like "In My Life" by the Beatles and new ones) all add up to the final version...I hope to be able to tell you how it all turn out after tonight...all the best...
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A wonderful thing to do is to have a photo album prepared that chronicles his life. You can even post pictures on a large board and prop them up against the wall or hang them on the wall for everyone to see.

You can also include the inventions that were made during his lifetime. Radios, Television sets, Kleenex, Tin foil, rockets - there are so many inventions that have been made during his lifetime that it might be a fun thing to do. I mean, your fil has been around before cars were invented!

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