How To Have A High School Birthday Party?


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It is not so difficult to organise a high school birth day party. You can choose a theme such as the 50's or fairy land or anything which would be interesting to the kids, decorate accordingly, have some group games that they would enjoy playing, get the cake to suit the theme, have some music and enjoy yourself thoroughly. This would be one way of having a very affordable but enjoyable party.

But in case you want to celebrate on a larger scale then you can employ the help of a professional party planner who would assist you in setting up a grand party for your kid. There is also the alternative of celebrating at some place other than your home such as a family disco. Here they would arrange for every thing right from the music, food and games to every other small detail. They have pre made package plans of such parties and you just have to choose one and pay for it. They would do all the rest of the arrangements. But this might be a costlier and more expensive way of celebrating.
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or just watch sweet sixteen on MTV they have great parties on that show
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Yeah, but that parties are so stupid!
The people who give them... Yak!

Just do what you like.
Chilling at home, or watch a movie. Or give a dance party!
With music and a dance floor. Hire a dj(doesn't have to be expensive;))

Just make fun! =)

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