How Much Does Trey Songz Cost To Perform At A Sweet 16 Birthday Party?


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Unfortunately, Trey Songz does not make public the amount he charges for performances at events such as a 'sweet 16' birthday party.

If you are wishing to book him for a birthday party then it is best to contact his management team. They are the most likely people to be able to tell you his current rates and if he would be available at the time you wish him to perform.

To contact Trey Songz representatives you need to head to:

You will find a postal address for his record label and so you will need to write out a request and send it to this address.

In your request you need to clearly state where and when the party is and you should also include how much you are willing to pay for him to perform. You need to include all your contact details so they can easily reach you with an answer.

The management company may well request more information about your location and any security concerns they may have, so you need to be fully aware of this.

If you do not hear back from Trey Songz's management team then unfortunately that will indicate he is either unavailable or does not wish to proceed with your request.
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it would cost alot probs millions of pounds unless you get in touch with his mangement or get his number
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Itz frum 40,000-60,000
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