How Much Would It Cost To Hire JLS To Sing At A Birthday Party?


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Now this is an interesting question, because there seem to be a whole range of different answers to it, depending on where one is looking. And, of course, it depends on whether, which is presumably the case, X Factor star JLS is meant, or the JLS as in Jamie Lynn Spears. An unlikely thought, but it is there.

  • JLS, the Guys
This is where it gets interesting. Spirit Artists, a major London booking agency who, to paraphrase their words, do not directly represent JLS, but are able to arrange bookings through their agent or booking manager, claim that the artists on their list cannot be booked for personal appearances or Charity events. According to them, the minimum fee for these artists is $100,000, rising up to $10million, depending on the artist. Metro, on the other hand, recently announced that the band can be booked for around $47,728. This puts them about $1,861,376 behind X Factor sensation Lewis, by the way. Other sources believe it could be even less. It looks like the best way to find out the correct figures is to contact their agent, Andrew Pountain. He can be contacted directly through the Industry Music Group site, which makes it a quite easy and reasonably straightforward mission.

  • JLS, Jamie Lynn Spears
Just in case she's the one in question, a little research was done here. Sadly, no figures could be determined. The fact that she has a net-worth of around $5million and can earn $1million for a photo-shoot, however, does hint at a potentially astronomical figure. Unless, of course, rumors that she is in retirement are true, and she decides to do a cheap gig just for fun. The odds of that happening, sad as it may be, are anybody's guess.
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£11.000 it costs to have jls sing 6 songs... They came to my 18th and sang 6 songs well 7 if you include happy birthday lol.. But they are so worth it.. They are amazing guys and so sweet. You will have the best time ever. As well as them comeing I got 5 profesional photos with them with were all signed and a offical jls hoodie from each of the boys.. It was just amazing I loved it and I cn offical say it was the best day of my life.
Hope that helps x
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Ring there management
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Well you would need find out who their manger is get in contact with him but it will take aged I have searched and searched and I meet aston ian merrygold and asked him and he told me he can't say ha if you contact him and ask him but it is £60,000 just for a hour then you will probably have  to pay for their flights and for there stuff to be shipped over or sumfin I want them to play and my dads friends dad own ticket master and he mite be able to get in contact for me so if I hear anything I will surely let you no
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I have rang there manager and they said it was 50'000 pound!!!!! :)
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I don't know but I said a few months ago id really wanted them to meet/perform for me and my friends. I still do! Oh my god that would be so good!! Id love it.
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£100 is actually quite cheap for THE BIGGEST BOY BAND!
So I doubt it will be only £100!
It will prob be round what the girl who had them for her sweet 16 said £1750.
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It would cost 30,000 per half an hour and you would have to contact the manager by going in the JLS official site and going to the booking link.
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That surely depends. The quality of the tools matter. That would be of different prizes, depending on where you are going to rent as well. If you want a projector hire check out the link.
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I want astons number I want them to come pleay my birthday :) its my dream! As I'm so obsessed with them. There just so hot and amzing! X
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Well I might be having them for my birthday soon and my mum said it costs around £100-£200
I don't blame them because they are extremely popular
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NOOO theyy dont cost that little theyy costt around £1,500 my dad got them forr myy birthday theyy are really expensive! And that was when they just got famous so the price will have gonee up by now!
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How did your dad get them for your birthday tell me please as my cousin badly wants them for her birthday coming up.? Thanks
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I Had them for my birthday few weeks ago but I got it cheaper because my dad knows there manager. And I have met them in person and I do all the while if they are with their manager because my dad is always with their manager.

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