What Words Rhyme With Sixty For A Birthday Party?


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Sixty is one of those words that just don't seem to rhyme with anything; however, if you're looking for a word that rhymes with sixty for a birthday party card or song, you can get creative and come up with some lighthearted, humorous new words. For example, sixty and "frisky" aren't a perfect match or rhyme, but they have the same basic structure and sound. For your purposes, a word like frisky will work will in a birthday card or happy birthday ditty. If you're not wild about frisky, think about adding the suffix, "ixty" to another world; examples could be fix-ty (for "fix), lixty (for "licks), or pixty (for "picks"). If your party is informal and meant to be fun and relaxed, these slightly silly versions of regular words will work just fine - in fact, they can be an amusing highlight of a celebration bash that everyone remembers fondly.

"Minxy" is another silly variation on the word, "minx" - this can work well for a feisty female who is turning sixty. Pixie is phonetically similar to sixty, and it may suit a petite sixty-year old lady who is celebrating her special birthday. For men, there is really no particular adjective or verb that rhymes with sixty - you'll just have to create a "nonsense" word that describes your special guy. Other fun ideas for using your new rhymes at a birthday include special lettering on a cake (made with frosting or gel icing), banners that you string along a doorway (you can cut letters out of colored cardboard, with scissors, and string them together with a hole-punch and a skein of yarn), or a birthday hat for the birthday boy or girl that announces "frisky sixty". Add some fabulous appetizers, snacks, and drinks to make things more festive. Candles, music from the "old days", and your presents and cards will make this important milestone a memorable, happy occasion for any sixty year old man or women.
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Go to this website to type in a word to do a search on words that rhyme
and depending on the type of rhyme you are looking for, will give you a
list of rhyming words.

these are a few words I came up with:
fix tea
these are a few words I came up with
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Words that rhyme with sixty

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