Are we in danger of an imperial presidency?


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It could happen, as Barack Obama is legally permitted under an unusual interpretation of the 14th Amendment to ignore the Congressional debt ceiling set by statute.It's the "will- to-power vs the Constitution" and such a separation of these powers would roll back the USA to pre-1776.King George did not claim the right to ignore Parliament in his borrowing.The Battle of Runymede was fought over this issue and the Magna Carta was the pact that took away the King's right to borrow unilaterally.This rebus will not only revert America back to colonial status, but set it back even further to serf status.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Scary, isn't it.
Janey commented
It sure is Mr W when you think of what is all at stake.
John commented
It's called martial law.and curfews. It has been done before during times of conflicts. You just won't know it til it has already happened. Just don't take any marks on your hand or you forehead or you will have more problems than anything you have thought of even under a dictatorship. : )
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Hes sure making it seem that way by destroying Americas infrastructure and turning our allies into enemies. Trouble is coming soon

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