What Are Some Good Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas?


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Mall scavenger hunts are so fun!  You will find a list of free mall scavenger hunt clues and ideas here:
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· Shopping Bag (biggest one gets more points)
· 5 different business cards
· Piece of food (it has to be free, no buying it!)
· Napkin from food court with a company logo
· Hanger
· Toilet Paper (not too much, save the environment)
· A brochure
· Autograph from a stranger
· A Straw
· Something under $1 (must have price tag or receipt with you)
· Disposable Toilet seat cover
· Catalog
· Clearance sticker
· Sample of perfume or cologne (one that smells best get more points)
· Something yellow
· A Piece of Paper
· A coupon
· Food Sample
· Menu From Restaurant
· Something rainbow colored
· A box
· A pen
· Something circular
· A penny from the fountain
· Ketchup packet
· A picture of the most expensive thing you see
· A Cup from Starbucks
· Chopsticks from Panda Express
· Old Receipt
· Price Tag
· Toothpick
· Yellow Bag (hint: Think the age when you can start drinking alcohol)
· Employee Application
· Wrapper
· Gumball
· Map
· Soda Fountain Lid
· Button
· Paperclip
· Soy Sauce Packet
· A Flower
· Something with Polka Dots on it
· Something with an Animal on it
· Something furry
· Hair Clip
· Piece of Candy

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