What's A Good Birthday Greeting For A 90-year Old?


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You can never go wrong wishing someone health and happiness; there are no age restrictions to enjoying either, though everyone defines happiness a little differently.  These definitions change, too, throughout our lives; why not ask your friend what his ideas are on the subject?  The answer might surprise you, and your interest and companionship are part of the gift you’re giving in celebration of his birthday.

Older folk can be difficult to find gifts for, in that they already have most everything they need and no real desire to acquire more "stuff”.  Thus the ever-popular "edible birthday greeting” is always well received.  Cake, steak, or a chocolate shake, everyone has a weakness for some kind of food or beverage.  Birthdays are the obvious time to indulge, because you’re not allowed to feel guilty on your birthday.  If you know your friend’s favourite indulgences, treat him to something special.  

Beyond that, you will be the best judge of what will please, entertain, and amuse this person, through your knowledge of his character.  The more you take into consideration his likes, dislikes and history, the more probable it becomes that you’ll come up with unique ideas to create a truly special birthday experience for him.

If you’re looking for a poem, perhaps you can recruit a creative friend with a rhyming thesaurus and compose something personalized.  You can also hire a poet to incorporate personal information you provide.  Here’s just one of many websites:  

Suitable birthday material abounds on the internet:


There’s one more unwritten birthday law you might want to pass on to your friend.  It’s one of the perks of aging that the older you get, the more time you’re allowed in which to celebrate your birthday.  You can drag it out for days, depending on the number of friends you have to catch up with, wine or dine with!
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I need a birthday card for my father who is turning 90. Is there anyone who can help me?
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No a 90 year old Lady
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Joseph is my uncle's sister's granddaughter's son. What is the closest possible relationship I can have to Joseph?
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Happy birthday there young man
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The good birthday greeting is to send an e card and say a poem for the old man. Visit the following links for electronic card and the poem.
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You look marvelous for someone your age, really! What are you doing for New Year's eve? When I was your age, I don't remember now what we did exactly, let me look it up in the history book!

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