What Are Some Suggestions For Birthday Presents For An 8 Year Old Boy And A 6 Year Old Girl?


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Presents are often difficult things to buy for young children, especially if you have been out of the loop for a while and are not aware of the current trends in TV, music and technology. The act of present buying is made all the more difficult if you are not in close, regular contact with the child so don’t know what they are into. Generally as a rule for eight-year-old boys, toy cars (especially sports cars or trucks) are popular, as well as action figures and games. Despite the rise of technology, eight-year-old male imaginations are still active and the love of competition, fighting and winning are all still present. However, games consoles, such as a Nintendo DS, are popular and there are many games to choose from. If you have a fair amount of money to spend, this would almost certainly be a popular present. Another idea would involve football. Boots, strips, goal nets, balls- all of these are very welcome to football loving boys. For a six-year-old girl, stereotypes are still abound and dolls, especially baby dolls, are extremely popular. It appears that the mothering instinct of many girls begins to emerge around this age and baby dolls seem to be popular. However, they are often still young enough to appreciate a cuddly toy of some description. Toy animals are often received very well. For a creative child, painting and drawing sets are often appreciated, especially if they contain a lot of the colour pink! Clothing is often more appreciated by parents than children, unless it is a costume of some kind but one with a popular TV character of the day would almost certainly be worn straight away. Cartoon characters like Scooby-Doo and X-Men are still apparently popular and will be for a fair while to come.
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The best thing to gift a 8 year old boy as a gift can be a remote control toy car, or it may be some other thing of the same nature. And for the girl the best gift is doll.
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Or perhaps a remote-controlled helicopter. Those only cost $20-25 on Amazon or even the Groupon sites. :)
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Boys, like play guns, cars & spiderman so get him something like that & for the little girl, get her a my little pony or fairy dress up costume. - hope this helps :P
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So how do you buy gifts for children? Here are some ideas with which it may be difficult to go wrong:

All babies love to play with toys. Besides,
there is an almost endless variety of them available. You can choose
from soft cuddly animals, toys that display automatic movement, those
that emit sounds, or interactive toys that respond to the baby's
actions. The most important thing while buying toys as baby gifts is
the safety aspect. Only buy toys, which are certified safe for babies.

Clothes may be another good baby gift
option. Also, because babies outgrow their clothes quickly, your gift
is likely to be used and appreciated. For newborns, always buy clothes
for babies at least 6 months older unless you are really in charge of
setting up the nursery. New parents always have a lot of things for the
first months, but will need more things for a bit later on.  

Blankets are actually traditional baby
that were given to newborns in some societies. You can choose
from a variety of designs and colors, or maybe even get one of those
with a personalized greeting or message written on it. A treasured
blanket sometimes stays with a child for many years.

Keepsake Kit
This is an exciting baby gift idea,
especially for a newborn. A keepsake kit helps to preserve early
memories of the baby such as photographs, things used by the baby, or
hand and foot impressions. This is one baby gift that will be enjoyed
by both, the child and the parents, for many years to come.
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Buy a ps3
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For an 8 year old boy get him a rubber bouncing ball and for a 6 year old girl a soulja boy cd
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For an 8 year old girl you could buy a jewellery box and some jewellery, or you could buy them a or barbie doll. For an 8 year old boy you could buy a transformer or some lego.

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