Do you prefer your birthday presents to be wrapped or in a bag?


10 Answers

Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I want my birthday gifts to be giftwrapped because I want it to look professional while just putting a gift in a bag just means you are too lazy to wrap it.
Stephen Logan Profile
Stephen Logan answered
I like presents in any fashion or form :)
Anahita Irani Profile
Anahita Irani answered
In a bag!it's modern and nice!cause I never liked to know what's inside the wrapped box you know no one understands what's inside the box til s/he hasn't taken it out of the bag so I think it's much better :)
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
I like wrapped. My wife likes those gift bag's with tissue paper. Oh, and the tissue paper had better match or you will hear about it!!
Activist Profile
Activist answered
When you get older it won't matter. I stopped getting presents around the age of 16 or 17...So any gift I get now a days is very appreciated and I don't really care what it comes in. It could be wrapped in newspaper for all I care.. Lol  I usually end up buying gadgets and man toys for myself anyways. No need for wrapping..
lone wolf Profile
lone wolf answered
Wrapped, so you can have suspense, and when you shake it, the EXPENSIVE things won't fly out and break. Non-expensive things, it can be in a bag. I'm okay if it flies out. Its cheap. Bombs away, Boxers...
KrazyOffic XD Profile
KrazyOffic XD answered
Wrapped in a gift bag :) lol , my fans put all their time and effort into making cards and presents that it really doesn't bother me , but I try to wrap the presents I buy and then in a gift bag , and a tag and other stuff I'm a very girly guy like that lol , I like everything perfect!
Janey Profile
Janey answered
I don't mind either way- as long as it's expensive and shiny - then gimme gimme lol !

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