What Is The 1947 Catfish Secret Wepon


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 It is not a secret anymore the 1947 "secret Weapon" is just a play on words by the person who sells
it to get your curiosity up in hopes that you will be a fool into
spending lots of money for something easily bought for a lot less.

It is simply a Green, neon, light source, in a tube form, that you
place into the water. The idea is that green is the last color to fade
out under water. Since marine life is attracted to light, this green
light will call up many species from a greater distance. It basically
works like this; plankton is the first to show up and then smaller
baitfish show up to eat the plankton. As a feeding frenzy goes on with
the baitfish, the larger fish move in to join the party. Does this
light work? Yes it does and for many species of fish and baits.

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