Why Does The Government Keep So Many Secrets From The Public?


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Because the government is EVIL. It is ruled by Satan, and his demons. No, not everyone in the government is evil, but most are. The government was meant to control the lives of the citizens of this nation. It's like a cult....it brainwashes people to get them to do what it wants. And so far it's working. People are so ignorant to the fact that as "the people" we could outnumber the government. But people are so afraid to stand up the government, that they do nothing about it, yet complain when they don't get what they want. To tell you the truth, this whole nation just sucks.
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Because the government doesnt like to reveal what it really does and figures it people don't need to know either
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It's the same as you keeping secrets from people >because they have their personal reasons like you would yours<
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Screw the government, its a joke. America is supposed to be free but how is that. Whats free about it? We have to watch what we do, watch what we see, and even watch what we say to certain people regaurding important issues. There is no freedom of speech, nor is there any freedom of any kind. There are tons of other country in which treat their people 10 times better than america..
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There could be many reasons. My guess is to possibly protect the citizens from things that are advanced or complicated. In time many things are eventually filtered to the public. If you keep your eyes and ears open you can decipher what is going on behind those "secrets"...

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