How Much Money Does It Cost The Canadian Government To Keep A Prisoner In Jail?


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Apparently in the US it can costs from 15000-18000 a year to keep a criminal in jail, I'm still trying to find the Canadian price though :P
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As per the budget 2006, the Conservative government reportedly set up an agenda to have new prisons built to accommodate additional prisoners. With an increasing number of felonies, sexual crimes, drug related cases and homicides; the government had no option but to table that legislation. However it is said that the correctional system adopted by Canada can lighten its federal reserves by millions of Canadian dollars. The government did not disclose the exact figure. However, it is reported that the Conservative budget has kept aside $1.4 billion for more police force, border security and public protection.

Reports were also flying thick and fast about how many Canadian jails are more of a luxury than a sentence imposed on criminals. If an American could be sent to serve time (9 years) in jails for sending spam emails, a Canadian who would run down three people while driving drunk would not get as much time in jail as the former. A 21 year old Canadian who was charged with killing three people while driving drunk was reportedly received only two years suspended service and 1000 hours of community issue. The shocking truth revealed by CBC Newsworld documentary showed that criminals in Canadian jails had the 'luxury' which even the 'working poor' in society couldn't afford. All said and done, the act of government pumping more money in Canadian jails has opened doors for further criticism.

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