How Much Money Does It Cost To Tour The White House Today?


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It is free to tour the White House but you are not allowed to bring anything in the White HOUSE and the white house will not have any storage for yur stuff you are allowed to bring car keays umbrellas(if it raining or if it's going to rain) and wallets if you need to use the brathoom you will have to go to the visitor center and use it you are not allowed to use the brathoom in the white house if any damage is caused to the white house by you it will be on the news and reporte every were and it will be a cost of 253,000 dollars to get it fixed but anyways to tour the white house is free
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The White House Tours are free of Charge. But strict security in affect (such as in the airports) Self guided tour are from 7:30 am to 10:00 am Tuesday threw Saturday. You must call to book a tour before arriving and tour on first come first serived bases. Call the 24 hours hotline at 202-456-7041

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