What Were The Children Like In The Olden Days?


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They got smacked with a wooden stick if they did something naughty and they were dressed in things like dirty cloths :(
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In the olden days at schools teachers would have a long stick with them and if they saw something on a child that wasnt aloud to be there or if a child was being naughty they would get a smack on their hands with the stick. :(
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Not much different from today, however, in those days, some schools were allowed to smack you on the palm of your hand with a stick which is called the cane if you did some thing wrong or late for school. Children were much more disciplined then, because they could not talk in class, they would have to put their hand up first to speak.

They didn't have all the fancy gadgets we have now and they weren't allowed to take any thing into schools like toys. They sued to play with conkers, which they thread on a string and one player would have a turn each to hit the other conker until one split, then he would be the winner. Yes, its a lot different know.

Back then, children were children, they took a long time to grow up, because things were much slower then. Now, there is so much stress with trying to keep up with new technology.Most school children then, wore school uniforms and there were'nt so much jealousy between them because they all wore the same clothing.

Depending on which olden days you mean. IF YOU GO WAY, WAY BACK, THEN THINGS ARE NOT LIKE WHAT I DESCRIBE ABOVE. Things were much, much more harder then,. People were very poor then and they would be luck if they go to school.

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