How To Write A Students Council Secretary Speech?


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You want to be on the student council as the secretary, so you should consider some of the ideas below as a way to generate interest. It is fairly simple to write a speech, but you need to bring something unique to the table otherwise you are going to sound like any other secretary running for student council. Voters always want to know why they should vote for you. In a student council it is often more about popularity for many. What you really want to do is get the entire student body interested, even those that feel the goings on in school do not make much difference to them.
You could always start the speech with hello all, good day, etc. You would then introduce yourself so that the class is aware of who you are in the event they do not already know. This is generic though, and it tends to get the listener to ignore you.
This is why you should come up with a speech that will immediately grab their attention. Think of all of the speeches you have ever heard. What was it about those speeches that you liked or did not like? Is there a speech you really enjoyed? Perhaps it is older and you only read about it? Why did you like it?
When you write your speech you have to think about the audience you are trying to attract. All good speech writers understand the audience is the most important factor in writing any speech. Even book or report authors concentrate on the audience they are writing for in an attempt to use their first sentence to startle the crowd or reader into listening or reading further. The point is you need a hook that will draw the attention to what you want to say.
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Just write that you have the skills to become a school council secretary and list what they are!

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