How Were The Native Americans Affected By The Arrival Of Europeans?


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The Europeans brought death and enslavement to the Native Americans. The Native Americans had no immunity to common European illnesses, and died from simple virus's like the common cold, and small pox. The Religious leaders were eager to baptize them, and take what they could for the 'Church'. They were rounded up by the Europeans and forced to labor in the mines getting gold for the Europeans. Many considered them to be heathen, therefore less worthy humans. Killing them, was not considered much of a crime. Later, efforts were made to 'Civilize them', taking families apart, and teaching them to live as the newcomers did. All in all, the Native Americans got a raw deal from the Europeans. When the American hunters, killed the majority of the buffalo they pretty much sentenced them to death. After taking all the land, killing most of the game, and burying their culture, they forced them onto reservations.

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