How Do People Live In The Desert?


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People survive in deserts by adapting to the challenges that the environment provides.

They do this by staying hydrated and keeping livestock that are able to handle the high temperature.

Appropriate clothing and well-insulated housing is also vital to surviving in a desert climate.

Who would want to live in the desert?

A desert environment is a very challenging place to live, which is why deserts tend to remain un-populated and barren.

Nevertheless, there are certain groups of people who make their homes in and around deserts.

The following are all examples of desert-dwelling people:

  • Bedouin Arabs of the Sahara
  • Native Americans of the Mojave desert
  • The Bushmen of the Kalahari
  • Aborigines in Australia
The problems of living in a desert.
There are many things which make living in a desert very difficult. The most obvious factor is the heat. On an average day in the desert, a human will perspire and lose around 0.9 liters of water within an hour.

This means that drinking lots of water is vital to keeping hydrated. However, by definition, water sources in deserts tend to be scarce.

Salt intake is another issue. Because people sweat so much when they're in the heat, their salt levels drop dramatically. Without a high salt-intake, muscles cramp up, causing acute pain.

Weather conditions in a desert tend to be extreme. Although a desert is known for its scorchingly hot days, night-times can be very cold.

How to survive the desert

There are three techniques associated with survival in the desert:

  • Clothing- Wearing the right clothes in the desert is key to survival. The sun's harsh rays mean that people need to be wrapped up and protected - but loose-fitting material is used for outfits because that allows the wearer to remain cool (whilst regulating their perspiration levels).
  • Houses- Desert houses vary, but tend to be quite insulated. That's because they need to protect the inhabitants from both extreme heat and cold.
  • Nomadism- Desert people often travel around. There are various reasons for this, but the most common is for food.
Some desert people keep livestock, which provide a reliable source of food, milk, and transportation. However, although desert animals like camels are quite hardy, even they need water and crops to feed on - and finding these resources in the desert is a constant struggle.

Some desert tribes survive by hunting animals and gathering edible plants, fruits and berries. Once an area's natural resources are used up, however, then a desert tribe will need to move on in order to find more food.

Many desert tribes rely on trade as a means of income, and a source of resources and supplies. This means that some trade routes through the desert are well-traveled by certain desert peoples, which explains their nomadic nature.
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Most of them are nomadic tribes and they are used to living near an oasis, in tents. Their primary occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry.
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You can't stay there very long, because if you stay too long then you wont be able to go to get water from other places.
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They live in houses.

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