Why Were Pharaohs Important To The Egyptians?


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AnnNettie has provided a comprehensive and accurate answer so I won't try to improve on it. However, I'd like to add a little-known fact that some people may consider supports belief in reincarnation.

If I said, "I was Nefertiti's father," every Egyptologist on the planet would agree with me.

Yet, if I wrote, "I was Nefertiti's father" they would laugh me out of court.

Why? Because Nefertiti was the daughter of Aye (whose name was pronounced as Eye or I) so it's quite accurate to SAY it but a load of old cobblers to WRITE it.

Now that you've been armed with that snippet of knowledge, go out and win yourself a few bets.

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AnnNettie copied material from another source and posted it. That's not allowed on this site. I guess it was probably removed. (I had one removed for that reason during my first couple of days here.)
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Now if you post information from another site, and credit the site for it, that is ok? Or no? Because I know it would irritate me when people on Ask would copy and past and not credit where they got the info.
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Apparently not. I had a link with mine but it was deleted. Check out Category 6.1 at this link: //
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They were important because people seen them as living god and also des ide who lived and who die.  

  Thank you

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