What Are Cleopatra's Achievements?


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Cleopatra was one of the first women to be recognised as a great leader. What made her accomplishments more important was the times. It was still a time when most believed women were not meant to rule, but to be there for the men who did rule. Women of high classes could become educated, but they were often less educated than the men in their family. The idea was for these women to remain a help to the men through bearing children, running the house and supporting their husbands, fathers and brothers.
Cleopatra stepped outside this model by becoming the last Pharaoh of Egypt and succeeding in a great many things. One of her most important achievements were her children. She fought extremely hard to provide a life for her children with Caesar and Anthony. She would not allow their lives to be threatened in any way, earning the title Queen of Kings. Cleopatra was well versed in languages including Latin.
An achievement was in causing Caesar’s assassination in order to take the throne and Mark Antony into her bed. The assassination was meant as a political move as was her relationship with Antony. It was also her intelligence that led Caesar to name her Queen in order to be in line as successor to the throne.
She took over the throne at 17 which was a very young age for a woman to succeed to the throne. When she went to Rome she was meant to negotiate a treaty. This was after Caesar defeated Pompey. Cleopatra was greedy for territory, which is where she tended to fail in her rule. She seemed more concerned with her lovers and children over being careful in her relations with other nations, which was also her downfall later on when she tried to create an empire separate from Rome. Yet, many of her moves are still seen as political in a way to accomplish whatever goals she had such as marrying Anthony.
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7 of Cleopatra’s Achievements

1.She was the only female Pharaoh
2.Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh in Egypt
3.She was the only Ptolemaic to actually learn the Egyptian language
4.Cleopatra married a Roman King and General
5.She protected Egypt from a Roman Invasion
6.Cleopatra ruled a very important kingdom
7.She successfully got the throne back from Ptolemy.
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- the only Ptolemaic to speak Egyptian

-she was a pharaoh

-she sacrifice herself to save her country

-she married a roman king and general

-she was the last pharaoh

-successfully got the throne back from Ptolemy

-protected Egypt from Roman Invasion for a long time

-she ruled on her own

-she drowned her brother so she could inherit back the throne

-she was a female ruler in a time of male kings

-ruled an important kingdom at that time of period
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Well... She was driven out to Egypt then she reclaimed the throne. That's a pretty big achievement in my book!

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