What Do You Think The World Is Gonna Be Like In 2050?


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Messed up. =( I don't really want to live to see the horrors we'll make. Makes me depressed just thinking about it
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Lianna Lins
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I don't, sadly. I'm an optimistic person but 2050 really? We are on a downward spiral....all I can do is expect the worse but hope for the best! =)
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There will be many more people and many fewer other large animals (except those we eat). More space will be occupied by houses and roads. Prices will be higher. Government will likely be more intrusive. Climate will be noticeably warmer.
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The really interesting things about the future are beyond imagination.
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The "game-changing" technologies of today were virtually unknown 40 years ago. I expect the same will be true in the future. "Star Trek" has not been a bad guide to date. Tricorders, transporters, no need for money, ...
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Hopefully, Armageddon will have passed and we will be in paradise.
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There will be robots taking over jobs while we humans are slaves to robots:)

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