What do you think is the biggest problem the world faces right now?


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Willie B. good Profile
Willie B. good answered

That Douchebaag also known as Donald Trump.

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Levi F. answered


"These are my people and everyone else who sees the world differently are my enemy who need to be destroyed". It's the source of many of humanity's problems. Tribalism will never truly go away as it is part of human nature. But we can resist it when it's causing harm.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

You got two Major Political parties who try to out do one another and none of them are better than the other ..There's voting fraud going on that is happening all over ..People never know who to vote for and Major Political party is well paid by Wall Street and they are the ones who win the election  Yes money is root of all evil and money talks the votes come in but i still blame it on voting fraud and it's shame people are losing faith in even getting out there to vote and I'm one of them.

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carlos Striker answered

Feeding pack of lies?

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