What Is The Biggest Problem Facing Our Educational System Today?


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Education is a vast and broad subject, and has been a topic open to discussion for many centuries. In the broadest sense of the term, education is any experience or exposure to an act that will have a formative and learned effect on a person's character and mind.

Modern education tends to mean the process by which a society will teach and pass on its broad knowledge, skill and values, from one generation to another. Education itself can fall into many categories, ranging from those that many will be aware of such as schools, colleges and universities, through to adult education and indigenous education.

Educational systems are always likely to be affected by a number of economic factors. Monetary wise, funding and budgeting for education has always been a factor that faces governments worldwide. Education is essential for economic growth, theorist have found that a higher rate of teaching and education in society has a positive affect on the growth of a nation.

Other problems that may face an educational system include the differentiation between students who attend public and private schools. Those who can afford private school are often seen to be given the best education possible, while children from a less privileged background are forced to attend public schools, which by default may not have as good a quality of teaching.

Though in many examples this is not the case, the long standing stereotype still rings true in modern society, as those from a wealthier family often seem to progress further and quicker up the job ladder.

Alternatively, other factors facing educational systems include a decrease in funding, larger class sizes, reduction in teaching staff and safety in schools.
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I think that there are quite a few problems, and in general, education can hardly be called of high quality in many cities and countries. Even in English-speaking countries, both children and adults have to search online english tutor on platforms like in order to better know their native language. It seems to me that it is strange that schools, colleges and so on don't provide a sufficient level of education.

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