What Is The Biggest International Challenge We Face?


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Conflicts In Israel.. Iraq,, World Hunger And Disease
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I think, without question, the Middle East. It is the most volatile conflict on the globe. It affects every corner of the world. Not knowing who or what or where the next threat is coming from makes this, in my opinion, the biggest challenge today. Individuals whose respect for human life is non-whose. That is a variable that we just cannot control. Very scary.
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Trying to live in a world in which the State of Israel exists.
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Now you have got four TU points in your all time ranking for this reply, it includes mine given one TU also. :)
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Global warming
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Correct, Walter.
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I am wondering what made someone to give TD to you. Probably job of cold place dweller. Don't worry about them sooner snow blizzards will teach them how exactly this global warming impacts them also.
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Glad to know there are still some humans who are aware of their environment.
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Trying, one way or another, not to annihilate
each other.  War, hunger, disease...people try
to do something to end these things, but there
are those to try just as hard to keep them from
managing it. If all of this keeps up, here will be
no one left to bury the dead.
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The biggest problem for the rest of the world is trying to take land Given by God/Jesus to the jewish nation/israel and divide it up or give it away to other countries who have no rights to it.the united states needs to keep their word and back the nation of israel in every aspect of their existence as they did the united states when it was founded.
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Eliminate all nukes from Russia. This is where most countries get their weapons. Without Russia, Iran will not matter.
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A possible shortage in drinking water. It already is reality for many in our world, but if it were to spread to more populated areas you could have localized rioting not to mention mass migrations which would then become an international problem/challenge.
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What a question, lol.....

I think the biggest challenge the world is facing right now is to fight against HIV, because if you are not infected you are affected.
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Global warming and insatiable greed of persons/states having special powers.
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Hi Keith.Famine,AIDS,Warlords,Wars,Children dieing in the street from contaminated water.I'm stopping here because i can still see those poor children,in my head
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Off course global warming, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, food, water, light in many urban areas. And off course mainly when a girl is been killed in many areas like haryana.

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