What do you believe is the biggest social problem in america today?


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Slavery to the whim of the mainstream media.

Many of the sources of division in this country lie in the manipulation of what data is fed to the masses. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a great vested interest in keeping the common folk distracted, shallow, and at odds with each other. Our entertainment and news outlets are particularly outstanding in this regard.

I heard actor Denzel Washington nail it yesterday: "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed; if you do read the newspapers, you're misinformed."

This point dovetails into Didge's comment, as this is much like the case with religion, as well

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Smart man, Mr Washington. I use several news sources -- one in Oz, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, and Reuters. I don't read them all every day, of course, but if anything feels a bit hinky I check it across the board.

I worked for Reuters in Sydney for a short time in the 1960s, We used to send out raw news to the various papers but what some of them printed was only loosely connected to the original stories. I've taken news with a grain of salt ever since.
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I enjoy reading up on many subjects, and to me, having multiple sources is fundamental to gaining a mature understanding on any topic. I wish this was a more widespread M.O. But people will hear just what they want, and retweet or regurgitate whatever nonsense suits their mood, and right now, the mood is fashionable polemic.
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To an outsider, three anomalies stand out:

Religion: The US is perhaps 70 years behind the rest of the modern world in shedding their beliefs.

Guns: The second amendment guarantees ready access to weapons and puts them in the hands of people who are totally unfit to own them.

Health care. It's abysmal.

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An obviously unqualified POS being elected President of the United States.

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Messed up priorities.

To make any nation 'great' .. You must 1st provide a leader .. Not a dictator.  A good leader .. Breaks trail with you .. Not just delegate you to go and do it.

To make any nation 'great' .. You concentrate on FAMILY units, and find ways to make the dynamics of EVERY member of society healthy right from birth .. NOT just those who are at the top of the food chain.

To make any nation 'great' .. You band together, not separate and dwindle. Seems as time goes on, we are concentrating on being separated and pigeon holed for one thing or another .. race, religion, gender .. Each dynamic is demanding it's own 'rights' and 'freedoms' or compensation for past history wrongdoings. The truth is .. the more we continue to divide amongst ourselves the more diluted our strength as a nation becomes. What ever happened to just being an American or Canadian (or whatever nationality, dependant upon where we live)  .. where all men and women are equal...period.

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Evidently from the latest election, the divide between Rural vs The Rest of The Population.

The voice of the rural population was heard in November. And they are angry. Being detached from modern society has lead them to sink terribly behind everyone else. Hiding under the cover of the bible and guns has left them delirious, fearful, and detached from all reality. They fear illegals "stealing their jobs". Instead of moving forward into cleaner energy, they declare that there's currently a "war on coal". They demand we shrink our economy so we can bring back a few measly unskilled manufacturing jobs so that their underachieving selves can earn a living. Even though those jobs will become irrelevant soon anyways.  But at the same time, they're against raising the minimum wage. Why? From what I gather, it's because it's a leftist idea. And to these people any leftist idea is a bad idea, even if they like the idea. Like a modern healthcare system. *Cough*

I can go on. But the main idea is that there are people in this country who are really angry. Wrong or wrong, they're pretty darn grumpy about the way things are. The world around them isn't as white anymore. Everyone needing sum rithmatic and edjumacation to get by instead of just being able to press metal sheets in a factory for 30 dollars an hour. Apparently flipping burgers is too low for the high and mighty 30 year old high school drop out. And so they banded together and made the best educated decision their uneducated selves could make. =)

The end.

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Go over what I wrote, and go over what you wrote. You somehow came up with a lot of things that wasn't really mentioned in my post. My statements were merely based on exit polls showing Trump had huge support from uneducated whites from rural regions.

I haven't insulted anybody, I am merely stating the reality on why these people are mad and what they want. I do agree that I am a bit of a cynic, but I'm nowhere near your level friend. It's not like your answers tend to be any different if not more rash towards "libbies", millennials, and people who understand the differences between weather and climate.

I do speak the truth to peoples face. Whenever I visit my hood in original old school coal county Harlan, Kentucky; I hear the same things you accuse me of iterating. And I tell those people complaining about the economy, the president, millenials, libbies, the exact same thing.

I also word myself more differently. but yes you are correct that I have less of a filter when I'm online. You can thank George Carlin for that.

The fact that what I say upsets you, shows that there's some "in-denial" going on. I mean if people like you made such good choices, they wouldn't have the problems you have. Now would they?
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Their media, they are fed a bunch of bull, and distraction, and I'm sure we are too.

When a country has such a thing as "Crisis Actors,"something is wrong. It cannot be a coincidence that these people are SO unfortunate that they happened to be at every bombing, and shooting in America, I smell a rat.

My advice, dive into history a bit more, nothing is unplanned. Of course that is obvious once you think about it, there is only a small unit of people that actually lead the world and they still recruit foot soldiers.

As for their dress code... Well there's just no accounting for taste.

It's all in the handshake....

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Humans.  It's always humans.

Also, no Tim Tams or Milo, and Americans have weird words for everyday objects.  Like, who calls coriander cilantro and lollies candy and jumpers sweaters????

As a view from a non-American resident:

  • That they would ELECT a man into power that thinks it's all right to sexually assault a woman, and even says that he would do it to his OWN DAUGHTER.
  • The gun law should be banned.  We (Australia) haven't had a mass shooting since 1996.
  • Religion, but that's a problem everywhere.
  • Politics, but that's probably just as big a problem here, but for different reasons.

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