What is the biggest problem with society at the moment?


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without courage,love will never make it out of the garage...

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Controversial answer Thirumangalam!
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governmens making billions of dollars that is not backed up with gold or silver. witch means all of our money is worthless
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The society kids are being brought up in, in which they have to be the best and look nice to be popular when they already have their own personality and life. However, they are forced to change because of the environment around them.
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Half baked intellectuals in power positions!!!

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Corruption certainly is a problem. I grew up in Italy and half of everything in that country is owned and run by organized crime. Still a wonderful place somehow though...
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Sometimes it seems like there are so many problems in modern society that it's tough to know where to start!

Gun violence, education standards slipping, huge disparity in the division of wealth, governments spying on their citizens, criminality on the rise, corruption, politicians focused on pleasing corporations rather than the citizens who elect them...

I think one of the biggest challenges to society these days is a lack of empathy. All of us feel like we're struggling and hard-done by in life, and often fail to see the more positive things in our life.

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Love fades away...

Every government can't solve all the problems for everyone!

It is not common.

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Loss of hope and teenager's suicide attempt is major problem

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Personally I would have to say one of the biggest problems we all have, whether we admit it or not, is greed. Either greed of money or objects. It always leaves a trail of destruction but we chase after it anyways...

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