What Are The Biggest Problems Facing Young People Today?


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I'd say peer pressure.
Virtually all major societal problems involving young people can be connected back to pressure from their peers to engage in anti-social behavior.
Drinking, smoking, drugs, illicit sexual promiscuity, poor study habits, etc.
And if you care to know what I think is a viable solution to stem this 'tide', it's the parents.
How a child acts is usually a reflection of the quality of the parenting he/she recived. Hope this helps.
I wish you good luck, and God-speed.
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Peer pressure to do drugs, drink, have sex, steal, lie. Also this economy: Will there parents have the money to put them through college as to be able to get an excellent education so they can get good jobs.
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Depression, drugs, suicide, finding good role models to lead you in a direction that can be beneficial to your future
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  1. will there be jobs when they finish school

  2. will there be a never ending war in the Middle east awaiting them
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Nowadays..young people facing with school problems..friends n family problems
..the orientation..drugs..cutting their to show their power..n etc..
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When they graduate,having work and having family at the early age I think that was the biggest challenge of the young people today..
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Knowing truth in light of all the lies out there. 
Being selfless and to even KNOW what christian standards are!  The others, such as they are..... Aren't working.  For young people now, knowing their one God has been made to seem hokey. 
Takes some nuts to be vulnerable and really look.
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Nowadays...more than enough is being expected from youth..without thinking that they wont be able to do all that ..loads of work which require much mental energy is given to them..actually nowadays parents compare their children with them . Well actually being a teenager I'll say that its too difficult to manage my time .
We hav many resources such as TV Computer Internet etc. But all these are making our lives more dificult ..the children shouldnt be allowed to watch TV ( not even cartoons) or computer for more than a hour ..they can use these things when they are 16.

I don't know it will help you or not..but I tried to tell a lil bit..sorry if its useless
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Trying to maintain innocence in a world full of violence, drugs and sexually explicit material.
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Some challenges young people face today are peer pressure, performance in school, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, behavioral issues and attitude.

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